What Is Auto Transport?

Have you ever thought about buying a car online? Maybe you’re planning a cross-country move. Auto transport can make these situations easier. What is auto transport? Let’s take a look at this service that is an integral part of the automotive industry.

What Is Auto Transport?

Auto transport refers to one of the many methods in which an automotive is transported from one location to another. Auto transport is necessary in a variety of situations. Automotive manufacturers rely on auto transport to transfer cars from their manufacturing factories to their show lots. If a customer orders a particular car, that car needs to be transported to the corresponding dealership.

Vehicle transport serves many other purposes. Private owners may transport their cars when they move across the country. Car collectors may purchase a car and have it transported back to their home. Racecars need to be transported to races all over the country. When you think about it, there’s a huge demand for auto transport.

Methods of Auto Transport

There are a variety of ways to transport automobiles. One of the most popular is to transfer them by truck – car carriers can transport large loads of cars across the US highway system. For smaller deliveries, transporting an auto on a flatbed trailer is another popular method. Driving a car from one location to its new destination is also a mode of auto transport.


In addition to transport across roads, automobiles are shipped in a number of other ways. Planes, trains, and boats all play roles in auto transport and can efficiently carry many vehicles at once, making them practical choices for large transport jobs.

Key Players In Personal Auto Transport

When it comes to personal auto transport, there are a few key players that you should be familiar with. Auto transport companies handle picking up and dropping off your automotive; the entire service is handled by the company.

You will also hear about transport brokers. Brokers have access to many transport carriers – the people who do the actual driving and transport. When you employ a broker, he or she will sell the job of transporting your auto to a transport carrier. This may mean that you can get a lower rate for the service, but the broker isn’t the one to actually handle the transport.

So what is auto transport? It’s a service that helps to get autos safely to their next destination and plays a key role in our automotive industry.

Is it Safe to Ship a Vintage Car?

Your vintage car is valuable. You’ve invested a lot of work into it, and you want to keep it looking great. But what should you do if you need to ship your car? Is it safe to ship a vintage car via a car transport company?

Is It Safe to Ship a Vintage Car?

When it comes to shipping a car, there are no guarantees. You can’t be absolutely certain that your car will arrive at its destination undamaged. But, many vintage cars are successfully and safely shipped every year.

The key to shipping your vintage car is careful preparation. In order to keep your car safe throughout the process, you will need to ask questions, make good judgement calls, and choose the methods that will work best for your car. The below tips will help you get started.

Decide on a Transport Method

Typically your car will be shipped by truck and trailer. However, the type of the trailer that you use plays a major role in your car’s safety. Open trailers are often a more economical choice, but your car will be exposed to the elements, including rain and any rocks that are tossed up by other vehicles.

Opting for a trailer that is fully enclosed is generally a safer option when transporting your vintage car. A closed trailer may cost you more in transport fees, but you can save in terms of potential damage that you have avoided.

Find a Company with Vintage Car Transport Experience

Shipping a vintage car is not the same as shipping a modern car. Vintage cars have different builds, engines, and methods of operation, and shipping a vintage car requires excellent attention to detail in order to keep the car safe.

Start your search for a car transport company well ahead of time. Call around to different companies and ask them about their experience and methods in transporting vintage cars. Get quotes for shipping your car and ask any questions that you might have. Then, sit down and compare the information that you have received from different companies. Don’t just go for the company which offered the lowest quote – instead, opt for the company that you feel can do the best job in transporting the car.

Check Your Insurance

Before you ship your car, make sure that your insurance is up to date. Ask your insurance carrier about what is covered while your car is being shipped. Make sure that you insure your car for its full and true value; it may be worth it to add on additional coverage when you ship your car.

So is it safe to ship a vintage car? With careful preparation, often the answer is yes.